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Roof Inspection Reports

These are NOT estimates. These are legally documented reports (written & pictorial) of the current condition of the rooftop assembly. These are oftentimes required for various types of Real Estate Transactions, Escrows, Insurance Inquiries, Bank Loans, HOA Budget Planning, Property Management Assessments, ETC. They can also be used to document other contractors' roofing work (prior to final contract payments, needed court documentation, lawsuits, etc.).

Special Note Regarding Real Estate Transactions:

Just after the first few rains, we get many calls from new property owners that couldn't believe their roofing was leaking (sometimes, all over)! Prior to closing escrow, they had the roof inspected (usually by other "cheaper" companies) & were told it was in "good" condition. Frequently, our findings invalidated the other companies' reports. Basically, the buyers had been given INACCURATE INFORMATION & MISLEAD into believing that their roof was in repairable condition, when in actuality, it needed a new roof!

When it starts to rain & interior damages occur, it is a bad time to discover that the information you received was inaccurate! It can become quite costly to deal with all the roofing problems (especially when all the roofing contractors are heavily backlogged) & also repair all the secondary leakage damages! That is why a critical eye & extensive knowledge & experience is needed in order to provide you with the ACCURATE INFORMATION that you need to properly deal with any roofing problems, prior to the close of escrow.

Each of our senior estimators (personally!) have over 30 years experience in dealing with rooftop assembly leakage & (more importantly!) seepage situations. They know where to look, what to look for & can make ACCURATE ASSESSMENTS of what they are looking at! You can be confident that you will be getting the correct information for the right type of pricing negotiations!

Over the years, we have probably saved our clients tens of millions of dollars in property price adjustments &/or upcoming roof leak problems because we provided well documented & accurate information, prior to the close of escrow. Sometimes (especially in larger high dollar properties), we may be the 2nd or 3rd inspector that the buyers were willing to pay to make sure that they had the correct information regarding the rooftop assembly. Oftentimes, those buyers were shocked at how inaccurate the other inspections were! Give us a call & get American Roofmasters on your team!

Prices for our ACCURATE ROOF REPORTS start at $300 & Up depending upon property location, type of structure, roof size, type of roof, amount of rooftop equipment, amount of other rooftop assembly penetrations (skylights, medical equipment, HVAC areas, etc.), unusual access situations, Etc.

Our reports provide the following information:

  • Current rooftop assembly conditions
  • Pictures (with relevant captions)
  • Descriptions of various problems and/or defective areas
  • Approximate life expectancy of your roof membrane
  • Recommendations for repairs and/or replacement
  • Other types of relevant information and/or recommendations.

Getting ACCURATE information is absolutely critical with regards to all your real estate decisions!! Whether buying, planning roofing budgets &/or other documented inspection report needs, give American Roofmasters a call. We will be happy to come out & accurately assess your rooftop assembly conditions & provide you with the critical information that you need.

Call AMERICAN ROOFMASTERS! We will properly assess your rooftop assembly & provide you with the ACCURATE INFORMATION that you need!

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