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In this economy, it is better to get your work done right, the first time, than it is for you to pay for it again (& oftentimes, again!). Cheaper bids tend to provide poor quality repairs &/or oftentimes, ineffective repairs that continue the leakage &/or seepage problems. Many building owners have been lead to believe that only a costly reroof can fix their leaks. Sometimes, owners reroof their building only to discover that the leaks continue! We have been to buildings that have been reroofed 2 or 3 times (within a short time span), that just kept leaking! If the leak sources are NOT properly identified, you may be wasting money replacing &/or repairing the wrong things. Over the years, we have tracked a multitude of "tricky" leaks to other structural (NON-ROOF RELATED) defects! Many of these had MULTIPLE FAILED REPAIR EFFORTS, BY MULTIPLE OTHER CONTRACTORS!

Why not get your rooftop assembly repaired correctly the first time? Even if you "think" you are paying a little more, it is still cheaper than having to pay for it multiple times! DON'T GET STUNG BY PROMISES OF A "CHEAPER PRICE" THAT WINDS UP "BEING THE HIGHEST PRICE OF ALL"! Call now! We can provide you with EFFECTIVE ROOF REPAIRS AT FAIR PRICE.

Call AMERICAN ROOFMASTERS! We will properly assess your rooftop assembly needs & provide you with HONEST, ACCURATE INFORMATION & a free quote!

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