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Other Things To Be Aware Of:

There is a lot of Mis-Information being advertised everywhere:

  1. Why is roofing workers compensation so important (& SO EXPENSIVE!!)? Because we use ladders, work with heights, lift very heavy materials, work with all kinds of industrial tools & are exposed to all sorts of potentially dangerous situations! We are number 2 (behind high rise steel workers) in major injuries & deaths! (Again, primarily because of a changing work force! In the old days, we didn't see so many major injuries! Faked or otherwise!) Since CA state law puts a major liability on property owners that hire workers without the proper workers compensation, YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE IT'S THERE! Even though we have ZERO workers compensation claims (for 30 years, because WE DRILL SAFETY INTO OUR EMPLOYEES!), WE STILL PAY IT TO PROTECT YOU from an accident! It's the same reason you buy car insurance! Hopefully, never to use it, but, just in case an accident happens!! THIS IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT TO ALL PROPERTY OWNERS!!
  2. They don't have a C-39 Roofing License listed in their ads or paperwork. They are NOT properly licensed &/or insured! Run the other way (unless you want to experience a LEGAL NIGHTMARE, if someone gets hurt on your property!).
  3. They advertise a C-39 License that is in someone else's name! (it's my friend's, dad's, uncle's, etc.) They need their own license to do contracting work! Otherwise, you're back to illegitimate "workers compensation" problems with your property as being used as collateral!!
  4. They are using a B-1 (General Contractor) License number to do C-39 roofing work. General contractors are builders. They definitely are NOT roofing repair experts! They generally use "cheaper" subcontractors to do their work (& pocket the difference!). To be cheaper, those roofing contractors tend to do quickie repairs (oftentimes, worthless!). Also, even if they say they don't use subcontractors, how are you going to know if it's true or not? It could be a sales tactic. (Would you willingly "blindly" hire someone to repair your car? Your roof?) Also, if it still leaks & the roofing subcontractor goes out of business, what happens then? Worse yet, what if the general contractor goes out of business? Whom will you call?!
  5. License numbers that don't match their paperwork or business name.
  6. Multiple business names associated to various corporate identities.
  7. Multiple license numbers associated with various corporate names.
  8. Using a newer license number (just recently formed) & claiming to be in business for 500 years.
  9. Buying a long standing roofing license (from a deceased heirs) & claiming that they are that company.
  10. A license that is in an RME's (Responsible Managing Employee) name, not the owners name. Why can't they get their own?
  11. Claiming 500 years experience (instead of their real time in business with their newest business name: 2 Years!).
  12. That they don't subcontract their jobs out (but they don't have any crews, only office personnel. hmmm!).
  13. They don't have an office that you can visit because they are in the process of moving (they really don't have an office! Just an executive suite, work from home, or work out of storage, etc.).
  14. They don't have a warehouse (wow, how do you do roofing without a warehouse to store supplies?).

Our company has been in business for 30 solid years! We have an outstanding reputation & have NO complaints or lawsuits. You will be dealing a company still managed by an original owner & many long-term employees that are highly competent & well trained. Call now & we will properly assess your rooftop assembly defects & give you a fair price for QUALITY roof repairs.

Call AMERICAN ROOFMASTERS! We will properly assess your rooftop assembly needs & provide you with HONEST, ACCURATE INFORMATION & a free quote!

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