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How The Labor Force Affects Work Quality?

30 years ago, most of the good roofing contractors had UNION TRADESMEN that were highly trained & highly paid! Today, most contractors hire cheap day laborers to perform complicated & critically important roofing work. Many are unskilled laborers, inexperienced & untrained in general roofing &/or roofing repairs. Worse yet, you have no idea "who" is showing up at your home! How do you do a background check (for criminal activities, drugs, etc.) on a day laborer?

Normally, you wouldn't dare hire a day laborer to replace the brake pads on your car! It is just too much of a risk in case they make a mistake & you can't stop!!

What most consumers don't realize is that you risk similar disasters to your home when unskilled day laborers are performing critical roofing work. Long-term property damages, interior damages, health damages (mold, etc.), insurance problems, ETC., from ineptly performed roofing work, can really damage your life, your family's health & especially, your financial well being!

Our employees are thoroughly screened (background checks, drugs, legal status, etc.). We spend years fully training them in all facets of complicated leak detection methods, various roof repair techniques & variety of roof maintenance capabilities! They are closely supervised to make sure they are providing you with top-notch, quality work efforts. They get good pay, good benefits & fulltime, long-term gainful employment. Fully trained, closely supervised & quality conscious employees means you will receive superior roof repairs! That's what we provide to you!!

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